Villa Vista 7 branded apprel — only avaliable at the villa

Bath Towels

Pure cotton, fluffy towels embroidered with Villa Vista 7 logo.

Colors: Foam and White

Dimensions: 136cm x 71cm (53.5″ x 28″)

Price: DOP 1,100 / $21


High-quality cotton tees with Villa Vista 7 logo.

Sizes: S  M  L  XL

Price: DOP 950 / $18


Selection of Villa Vista 7 branded apparel: tees, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, yoga  pants, caps, etc.

Price: DOP TBA / $TBA

Organic Honey

Our organic pure honey produced locally.

Natural Coffee

In cooperation with Cafe El Cibao, we’re offering our own brand of natural coffee.

Hand Rolled Cigars

Locally sourced hand rolled cigars come in two different flavors. Enjoy!

Natural Soap Bars

Locally made, our natural soaps leave you smelling deliciously fresh.

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