the pool

Easy to slip into from the house or the yard, with breathtaking views

In-house Catering

If you feel like lounging at home, our restaurant on the premises is offering in-house catering services. Stay at the pool, and we’ll bring our delicious food to you.

The Restaurant

Although our food is deliciously prepared and served, we have to apologize for the view — it might take all the attention…

Lake Access

We have built a floating dock for an easy access to  and from the lake — whether it’s a boat taxi or kayaking, you’ll stay dry!

Helicopter Taxi

Together with our partners from Alta Vista, we’re happy to provide helicopter transport from/to Santiago, Puerto Plata, and Santo Domingo airports, as well as the helicopter tours and the visit to the Alta Vista Restaurant. (Helicopter taxi from Santiago airport to Villa Vista 7 is $500 for 4 persons one way.)
Please contact us in advance.

Massage (coming soon)

Provided by one of the top Austrian physiotherapists and sports therapists, you’ll literally be in the good hands.

Yoga (coming soon)

Come as a group or as an individual, our yoga classes are taught by the world-class experts.

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