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On Your own Terms

The Villa

Absolute privacy and comfort come as a given at Villa Vista 7; everything else — the pool, the decks, the gazebo, to name a few — is here to give you countless options to feel just right for the occasion.

Peace and Quiet

Besides the incridibly tranquil surroundings, the villa itself is gated with private entrance and parking, while all the life happens in the back, facing the lake. Having multitude of places to choose from, the guests can feel private even within.

Play and Work

Villa Vista 7 is designed to take advantage of its location to offer an unforgettable experience and joy — but the true jewel is in its ability to provide a perfect retreat for those seeking to do productive work, be it artistic, business, or spiritual.

The Work

The inspiring surroundings and the divine tranquility make Villa Vista 7 an ideal for any kind of a creative work — be it working on a script, writing a book, or working on yourself.

Creative Work

Come with a group of colleagues or partners and do your most productive work here — we’ve done it ourselves: content production, photo shoots, video editing, script writing, strategic planning, new business ideas… even Villa Vista 7 came to its existence while we were here, at our B&B, a couple of hundred of yards further down the hill…

work on yourself

Eliminating all the distractions and having the peace and quiet make this an ideal place to work on your self-discovery and change. Take  on yoga/meditation, endless hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, or just set yourself comfortably at the villa and stare at the beautiful surroundings — all of will help you on the way of discovering yourself.

Local Flavor

The Nature and the man-made live in harmony here, at Presa de Tavera, creating stunning landscapes and divinely peaceful atmosphere…Villa Vista 7’s sole purpose is for you to enjoy it — and take some back home with you.

Man’s biggest feats

The Tavera Dam (Presa de Tavera) is built on the longest Dominican river, Yaque del Norte — and in conjunction with near-by Bao dam — forms the largest man-made reservoir complex in the Dominican Republic, with a capacity of nearly half a billion cubic meters.

Become nature

Countless hills covered with grass and dense patches of trees surround the entire area, outlining the banks of the lake. Standing on the top of one gives you a view to rows upon rows of hills all the way to the horizon, topped with a breathtaking amount of sky.

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